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Hello friends.

Been posting a drawing to twitter every day in conjunction with hiddenboss and suzycity 🎷🎷🎷

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Hi everyone!

My class are putting together a screening of our 4th year grad films this coming June!

The exhibition, entitled “ALL GOOD THINGS” will take place in the LIGHTHOUSE CINEMA, Smithfield, Dublin 7.
We’ll be screening our student films, exhibiting our drawings and hosting a reception on the day. We promise it to be a great evening for all!

It’s an off-campus event, so it’s completely self-funded.
Hence, we’re running a FUND IT campaign to try and get this exhibition up and going.
It has some pretty sweet rewards for contributors, such as copies of a limited edition exhibition zine, signed artwork, commissions by an artist of your choice, a DVD digital copy of the screening and more!!!
If you’re nearby in Dublin – come along and see the exhibition!
Animation, free admission, free food and free wine!!!
How could you say no? ;)

Here’s a link to the FUND IT page


Only through your help can we make this happen, any support you can give will be HUGELY appreciated!

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Like or follow our page to get updates!!



I’ll also leave you a few sneaky clips from my piece, “Vertical Horizons”

Thank you!
Anita xxx

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